15 Ways Behavior Can Change

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Fogg Behavior Grid

Updated: August 18, 2018


My grid describes 15 ways behavior can change. The purpose is to help people (including myself) think more clearly about behavior change.


Each of the 15 behaviors types uses different psychology strategies and persuasive techniques. For example, the methods for persuading people to buy a book online (BlueDot Behavior) are different than getting people to quit smoking forever (BlackPath Behavior).


My Stanford team has expanded the Behavior Grid and the Behavior Model with The Behavior Wizard. Be sure to see those other web sites to get a fuller picture of what we call “Behavior Design.”


The graphic below gives examples. 


--BJ Fogg

Fogg Behavior Grid (with examples)

The Behavior Wizard

To make this approach to behavior change clearer and more useful, we have created the Behavior Wizard for each of the 15 types of behavior change.


Previous Work that Relates to this Behavior Grid

You can see my 2009 paper about the Fogg Behavior Grid here. Note that the 2009 paper outlined 35 behaviors types, but this approach had weaknesses. My new grid with 15 behavior types is better.


Feedback Welcome

I hope this work helps you. My team and I would appreciate your feedback.


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